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The 5 Best Equipment and Accessories for Running

The 5 Best Equipment and Accessories for Running
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The 5 Best Equipment and Accessories for Running
Running is an excellent way to destress, build yourself and push yourself further. To make the most of the experience, make sure you have all necessary equipment. If you’re just beginning this cardio journey, you may have questions such as “what should you wear for running” and more. Well, fret not! Here, we provide a list of the best running equipment and attire you need to enhance your running adventure for the experienced as well as beginners.

1. The Right Footwear

Footwear is possibly the most important piece of equipment you need. You should never run in a shoe that’s designed for other sports as it will not provide you with the cushioning and stability that running shoes offer. You must also remember that when you go shoe-shopping, do so with patience and an open mind. Most importantly, keep in mind that just because you like the look of a shoe, it does not mean that it is the right shoe for you. Try it on, walk around a little to feel for potential blisters. Choose one that is light so that you don’t get tired too quickly. Don’t be afraid to go through a range of shoes across different brands, styles and sizes. Maybe, you could even try to match your running shoes with your running outfit for a bit of confidence boost!

2. Proper Jogging Top

There is a proper type of running outfit for men and women. Choosing an ordinary cotton top for running would be unwise as it rapidly absorbs sweat or rain. They can even cause chaffing. The best performance running tops basically wick away your sweat to keep you cooler and provide better air circulation through the fabric. The material feels light, however, they have the ability to keep you warm or cool depending on the weather you’re running in. Jogging attire should be fitting but definitely not to the point of suffocation. They just need to not flap around when you run. If you’re going for long sleeved running tops, you should obtain ones that come with fitting sleeves so they stay down around your wrists. Otherwise, the sleeves often ride up your forearms when you run, and can prove to be a distraction.

3. Comfortable Tights or Shorts

What you need to look for in running shorts is comfort as well as light in weight to be energy conserving. Try on the shorts before making your purchase to ensure that you have the correct sizing and also to make sure that they won’t cause chaffing or be movement-restrictive. Some shorts come with elastic waist and drawstring, which is great. You get to tie your shorts to your requirements to prevent them from moving down when you run. Avoid tying them too tight though as this can cut off circulation around your waist. Running shorts with those little pockets come in handy when you need a place to store your keys or other small items. Besides running shorts, tights are excellent running bottoms for keeping your legs warm. It also reduces the chances of getting scraped in case you fall as well as reduces injuries due to cold muscles or aching joints.

4. Running Belt or Arm Band

A good running belt or arm band can be a total life saver. A running belt is used to store a few items such as a small water bottle and your handphone and keys. As for the armband, it usually only holds your phone. It’s great in case you find yourself in a situation where you need to make an emergency call while having your phone in a non-restrictive position when running. You also get to play some tunes for motivation!

5. Headwear

It is important to have a cap to protect your head from the sun and rain to avoid falling ill. Caps also keep your eyes clear so you can see the path and avoid any unfortunate situations. Enjoy your run with peace of mind knowing that you are well-equipped and ready to take on the world – or rather the next marathon! With Al-Ikhsan, rest assured you’d be all geared up like a pro! Visit us today at our nearest outlet or our website to discover the wide range of sports items we have from sports jerseys to even hijab running outfits!