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5 Morning Exercise Ideas Before Work | Al-Ikhsan Blog

5 Morning Exercise Ideas Before Work | Al-Ikhsan Blog
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5 Morning Exercise Ideas Before Work | Al-Ikhsan Blog
Sometimes, our busy schedule gets in the way and we have little time to do the things we want to like going to the gym. Here are some quick exercises and workout routines you can do early in the morning before leaving for work.


There is a misconception that yoga is boring, dull and slow. However, yoga can be incredibly relaxing as well as energising! Doing yoga early in the morning as your workout can stretch your stiff muscles, significantly improve your circulation and get your heart rate up. One of the best things about doing yoga is that anyone — regardless of age, gender and lifestyle — can do it. Through yoga, you get to let go of the stresses and frustrations of yesterday, control your breathing — thus enhancing your other workout performance, release happy hormones known as endorphins, acquire a healthier digestive system, boost focus and concentration, and more! Make yoga your morning stretch routine today!


If you live in a double-storey house, an apartment building or anywhere at all where stairs are accessible, you have an easy and quick morning workout routine on hand. Going up and down the stairs — whether slow paced or fast — can really get your heart rate going without too much effort. You don’t need to pay for a gym membership or a personal trainer. Just take the stairs! Taking the stairs also works out your leg muscles including your hamstrings, calves and even glutes.


You should keep a pair of small hand weights in your home to enhance your morning exercises. You can incorporate weights when jogging or walking, going up and down the stairs, doing squats with weights and more. With weights, you get to build muscle, burn body fat, strengthen your bones and joints, reduce injury risk, and improve heart health. It is important to take note that doing weight exercises everyday isn’t good. You need to take some rest days or do some cardio instead.

Jumping Jacks

One of the best morning workouts would be jumping jacks. Jumping jacks are an excellent cardio exercise and work on your whole body, therefore, contributing to weight loss. Jumping jacks also balances your heart rate, increases blood circulation, controls blood pressure, reduces bad cholesterol levels, prevents the possibility of stroke or heart attacks. They can also give you a good night’s sleep thanks to the endorphins they release! If you aren’t a fan of jumping jacks, you could just jump rope, skip or do any jumping exercises as long as it makes you feel good and doesn’t cause injury.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are another great cardio morning exercise routine to lose weight. However, they look much easier than they actually are. Mountain climbers are efficient at targeting core muscles, such as back, hips, abs, glutes, leg muscles, and even your shoulders. Mountain climbers also increase your mobility, loosening your joints. It also supports your heart health and promotes functional fitness so that you can conduct your daily activities as smoothly as possible and without risk of injury. Even a simple 10-to-15-minute workout can go a long way in reducing stress and making you feel less lethargic at work. A morning workout before breakfast can help you burn more calories and help with weight loss. Al-Ikhsan has the equipment you need to kickstart your healthy journey.